Increasing urban density has perpetuated the issues involving illicit drug use. Needle Exchange programs found in major cities around the world have return rates as low as 40%, leaving up to 60% of distributed needles unaccounted for.
About Tina Thompson... It was in 2006 when the idea for biohazard deterrents for manholes began to take form for Tina, with patent applications for early designs being filed at the beginning of 2007. It has been an exciting journey
Tina Thompson - President

Tina Thompson is the founder and President of MUG Solutions. Tina began MUG Solutions at the foundation of true innovation – that of invention and patenting of new products. It has been an exciting journey to take an idea through its entire development process and to have Tina Thompson and MUG Solutions recognized by Health and Safety professionals.
Prior to MUG Solutions Tina spent a number of years in the IT industry in systems analysis, software implementation and project management.
Tina lives in the Vancouver Canada area with her family.
Her favourite saying: Sleep is merely a symptom of caffeine deprivation

Product Creation Studio - Engineering

Design has the power to separate and uniquely position a company in the marketplace. It is the trump card every company needs in its possession. Product Creation Studio knows design. Assemble a group of motivated individuals around one central passion and no challenge is too great. We are a group of designers and engineers, each accomplished in their own right, with a never-ending desire to design. Each skilled in different disciplines, our highly devoted skills are complementary. When assembled, we create a formidable team.