Increasing urban density has perpetuated the issues involving illicit drug use. Needle Exchange programs found in major cities around the world have return rates as low as 40%, leaving up to 60% of distributed needles unaccounted for.
About Tina Thompson... It was in 2006 when the idea for biohazard deterrents for manholes began to take form for Tina, with patent applications for early designs being filed at the beginning of 2007. It has been an exciting journey
We provide the ONLY solution that permanently stops people from depositing biohazard contaminants through manhole covers.

MUG Solutions has developed a new product with Patents Pending, which acts as a deterrent against biohazard entry into manhole systems. The MUG FlapTM is affixed permanently to the underside of the manhole lid. While air sampling and manhole lid removal is virtually unchanged, the workers no longer have to remove biohazards (such as used syringes) from their workspaces. In all cases where the MUG FlapTM has been applied to manhole lids there have been NO new presence of needles or any biohazard in manholes.*

* These manholes were cleaned at time of product application and have remained clean.
For Women in Business
The Torsion Spring Unit (the MUG FlapTM) was a finalist as Best New Product of the Year by the 2008 Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
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