Increasing urban density has perpetuated the issues involving illicit drug use. Needle Exchange programs found in major cities around the world have return rates as low as 40%, leaving up to 60% of distributed needles unaccounted for.
About Tina Thompson... It was in 2006 when the idea for biohazard deterrents for manholes began to take form for Tina, with patent applications for early designs being filed at the beginning of 2007. It has been an exciting journey
Air Sampling Tools from MUG Solutions

MUG Solutions has developed Air Sampling tools, with Patents Pending, which allow for standard air sampling hoses to feed into the manhole. This tool is simple to use and allows standard entry procedures to remain virtually unchanged. Workers must ensure that the atmosphere in confined spaces such as manholes is tested prior to entry. Please consult your workplace health and safety department, or the governing body for Occupational Health and Safety in your area for compliance regulations and/or training for confined space entry.
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