Increasing urban density has perpetuated the issues involving illicit drug use. Needle Exchange programs found in major cities around the world have return rates as low as 40%, leaving up to 60% of distributed needles unaccounted for.
About Tina Thompson... It was in 2006 when the idea for biohazard deterrents for manholes began to take form for Tina, with patent applications for early designs being filed at the beginning of 2007. It has been an exciting journey
MUG Solutions has had its Torsion Spring product (the MUG FlapTM ) identified as a standard for manhole lids by TELUS Communications.
Field Trial

In the spring/summer of 2007 TELUS Communications Inc requested a product field trial of MUG Solutions’ Torsion Spring product. The Health and Safety representative from TELUS identified the manholes in the downtown eastside of Vancouver with the worst history of needles and other biohazards being deposited into them.

The field trial involved 5 cleaned manholes with MUG Solutions’ product applied and 5 cleaned manholes used as a comparison. The TELUS manager in charge of the product trial provided the following feedback:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting TELUS to conduct a field trial using your product. Your Torsion Spring product has exceeded all of our expectations. It has proven itself to be reliable and cost effective. I tested your product in the Eastside of Vancouver (Hastings) during the months of May 2007 – July, 2007. During the trial I scrutinized ten of our most susceptible manholes. I used your product on 5 manholes and left 5 as a beta test. At the end of my trial there were Zero Sharps in the 5 manholes that the product was installed. This is compared to 519 syringes and 8 crack pipes found in the unprotected manholes

These manholes have been periodically spot checked to validate product effectiveness. Two years later the manholes with MUG Solutions’ product are spotlessly clean and biohazard free!
before application
2 years later